Monday, July 22, 2013

Why Is Branding So Important?

Why is branding so important?! People are more comfortable joining your site if they can put it to a name and a face. Because not only is their money precious, but their time is highly valuable. Even the traveling salesman in the eighteen hundreds needed to endorse products by name and a face, so that people could know they were not being swindled by some snake oil salesman. It's about trust! If you saw McDonalds without the arches, would you go in? Maybe, but others would not. Why? Because it automatically says, "we cut corners and are likely to sell you bad food." Why else would the arches be gone?

A brand is a commitment to offer the best and accept responsibility! If I don't show my face, then I probably won't give you a refund. If I don't show my name then it probably means I don't offer customer support or friendly service. How can anyone see the full benefits of a product if they have no-one to show them those benefits? It's the responsibility of affiliates to put a name and face on the products they represent. Upon acceptance of that responsibility, one begins to find clarity; and business begins to "make cents". Without that commitment, an affiliate will bounce from one product to another, til he or she is promoting so many different things, it becomes impossible to keep up with it all. I've been there, have you?

When we get to this point, it's best to close up shop and start ALL over again. KISS; (keep it simple stupid) it's the best policy to follow in online business or internet marketing. I mean, is it really necessary to promote your biz in ALL the TE's? HELL NO!!! If you do then you have to worry about surfing in them all, not to mention having your gmail box so full, you can't even use it anymore. If you are at this point start a new brand now. After you slow down and focus, you'll be glad you did. So will everyone else!

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