Saturday, July 20, 2013

Your Brand In Google

Why NOT market in Google? Your brand in Google affords more promise than anywhere else, yet you are likely using sites that are not social sharing resources to show off your brand. The reason for this may be that you have no confidence in your brand; or that you have no brand. We spend more time trying to figure out how to get to the top of the first page, than we do "sharing" our opportunity. We do not know that sharing it is the only way to make it popular. We are trying to please some insatiable beast, who continues to shoot us down for doing everything "the right way".

Stop! Write an article and share it on Google with people who have like interests to your brand. This is the oldest rule online, yet we ignore it and think that the gurus (who do not exist) are somehow cheating us. The only person who can cheat you is not sharing your brand. By NOT building a brand. When a person aspires to become an internet marketer, they must resolve to be serious, determined and committed to building a brand. Yeah, like mcdonalds, starbucks or sears. If someone gave you a Kmart store you would take it seriously, because you know customers would be there.

Well it's all about placement, even in retail. If you put a store out in the middle of one is going to show up and no purchases will be made. It's the very same on the internet. Put your ads where you know they'll be seen and where you know the word is going to get around. If I buy a hamburger at Mcdonalds and then tell my friends how good it was, they are likely to do the same and tell their friends too. This is the very concept behind viral marketing, which is as old as time. It's called sharing. Many people try to create the perfect website and think that traffic will just magically appear. Nope!

Starbucks is a very nice spread, but I'm not gonna build one in the arctic circle. There's nobody there! This kind of stupidity is the perfect description of me over the years. But I finally woke up, took a look around me and made that resolve I mentioned before. I don't worry so much about keywords as I do about putting an article or a link where a lot of people are going to see it and talk about it. How can they talk about it in a traffic exchange where it's spam to drop a link in a chat. These sites are very limited when it comes to sharing versatility. They are merely a visual medium. People don't need to worry about where to share, they just need to share...period!

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